Guiding information

Tuition and Guiding

 We can arrange for you and or your friends to spend a day with one of our coaches on a river or lake. The coach will do more than give you casting tuition they will be your guide as well. You will be learning to improve your casting as well as learning more about fishing. They will spend the day with you -  their goal is to make your day special. They will point out anything that they notice of interest, that could be a rare plant or an insect hatching. Your day will be filled with experiences.

Guiding only

We can provide guides for lakes or rivers, we specialise in the chalk streams of Southern England. We can arrange fishing for you through tried and trusted organisations. This can be either for one person or a party.

What does a day on the river Itchen sound like?
Just stand by the river and listen to the brown trout sucking in flies as they gracefully float down to them.  The whistle of a kingfisher and then to see the flash of colour as it shoots past almost too quick to see. That is what the river Itchen sounds like as it burbles quietly on its way.