Some shots from various locations. Summer/Autumn 2006

June - That is a lot of flies on the water. 
The Parsonage beat on the river Test at Timsbury.

September - A nice brownie having a rest before splashing the camera and doing a disappearing act. This one was from the Test at Kimbridge.

The road bridge at Kimbridge on the Test

June - Charles Jardine showing how it is done on a "Charles Jardine day" with Fishing Breaks.

September - The fish at the top came from this pool and went back to it. One of five taken in about 20 minutes.

How many rods can you get in the front of a car. There are 22 rods there, and they are all set up.

Nothing to do with fishing - but a beautiful sight all the same.

Keep the rod UP!
Into a fish on the river Test..
Into a fish on the river Dever. The lack of water has made it very difficult for everything and everyone.

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