Some shots from various locations. Summer 2006

Where did that hat come from?

Bill into a nice brownie on the river Test - Stockbridge. 

This one was keen to go elsewhere. Bill lost one fish when the line came away from the backing. We recovered the line straight away but then the fish threw the hook. 

Frank, well done - biggest fish to date.

Not a bad fish at all, taken on a mayfly while the water was less than "gin clear"! One for the photo album back home in the US. Well done Bill.

Get in the water, after a bit of time to recover it should be ok to lift for a quick photograph, then release. John with a nice brown caught by Frank at Wherwell on the Test. (John thought his watch was waterproof - it wasn't!)

Wild and beautiful, this one was from the Wherwell Priory water on the Test. This fish was lifted for a quick "snap" and then released (unfortunately not quite in focus)

Another day, another client, and what a fish. This one was from Wherwell Priory on the river Test

Abbots Barton on the Itchen. G.E.M Skues would have been proud of Frank. This fish fell for a very dark PTN upstream. I think we got wetter than the fish as it poured all day.

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