Weed cutting on the river Avon at Enford 18th June 2005. Followed up by a small restock
This is a most beautiful stretch of the river Avon which is held by a private syndicate. Nearly all the rods voluntarily operate catch and release. There are no nominated days and guests are allowed anytime. The nice thing is that nobody abuses the system, in fact in all the years that I have fished here I have only met a couple of the rods on the water.

I thought I had a good job on the bank trimming the nettles - no! The best job was in the water, the temperature on the bank just soared.

You want me to trim all of this lot! Yes and don't forget not too much off the back. You are lucky - the weed in the river doesn't sting, the stuff on the bank does!

It seemed a good time to just top up the stock. These were (are) beautiful full finned brownies of just under a pound. Even with C&R the stock does disappear.

They were released in groups of 20 - I am pleased to say that everyone shot off as soon as they "hit" the water. Excellent fish.

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