These photographs were taken at Winterborne Zelston May 2005 when the Winterborne and District Angling Club organised a fly fishing day to introduce children to Fly Fishing.


Two Level 2 coaches trying to look relaxed - 1 step back and they will be. 4 lb 6oz, a very nice fish. Not sure about the hat.

Level 2 coaches Rob Doyle from Dorset and John Stephens from Berkshire. "A step farther back Rob on the next cast - that should do it!"

Nice full finned rainbow of 4lb 6oz caught by "J" who came from Weymouth for the day ("J", not the fish). This was the best fish of the day.

a 2 lb rainbow, a good eating size. Who is holding this you or me?

"A" with one of two fish that she caught.
"This waistcoat is a bit big for me - I think a few more boxes of flies might help", dream on.

"R" was pleased with his fish - Dad looked happy as well

What do you mean "the sandwich eat my fish" "Hurry up" with the picture this is heavy

Hey! where has my fish gone? This is a cheese and pickle sandwich !.

Safety first - hat and glasses. A nice 4lb + fish almost half the length of "G" who caught it!

I was aiming ... just there where the fly landed! a beautiful location near the river Test

"Stretching for that last foot!"
When not teaching the children we spent time teaching the parents - you have to win over both  the parent and the child for the interest to continue.

Here is photograph of somewhere completely different... where is it?
A beautiful thatched fishing hut, a nice glass of wine - heaven.

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